Want money saving tips for your wedding? Need some guidance on tracking the expenses to stay within budget?

If you’ve dreamed of a wedding but are living paycheck to paycheck and not sure how you’ll pay for a wedding, this guide is for you.


wedding budget planner

Features & Benefits

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Enjoy the Process of Planning Your Wedding

  • Feels great to find what you want for your wedding, but by spending less.
  • Enjoy planning your wedding with less stressing about the money side.

Limited Money to Spend

Saving Money Tips on these areas:

Wedding Party Gifts
Bridal Showers
Wedding Attire
Decorating Ideas
Miscellaneous Expenses

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Step by Step Process

This will walk you through:

Wedding Funds
Wedding Dreams
Venue & Date

Reduce wedding stress by having a step by step plan of how and what to budget.


Wedding Budget Planner - 47 pages of money saving ideas, budget, and other planning

  • Have limited money to spend on your wedding
  • Those that don’t know where to start with putting a budget together
  • For couples just engaged
  • For friends & family of an engaged couple that could benefit from saving money – an early wedding gift!
  • Have plenty of money to spend on the wedding
  • Those that already have all their wedding plans made
  • If you’re looking for a checklist that shows when each wedding task should be done.
  • Start your marriage out by knowing how to work together with your partner regarding decisions and money
  • Say “I do” without going into debt to pay for the wedding
  • Make money saving trades on items no one will notice
  • Know what’s important to both of you & make that a priority¬†
  • Know what things to ask, look for, and keep track of to have control
  • To have a plan to put together a budget to monitor expenses.

Wedding Budget Planner

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