How to Organize a Medical Binder



Organize family history of medical

What if a tragic event happened and you needed to know what someone you love’s medical history was? I know I have a difficult time remembering my own surgeries and medicines  when I’m completing new paperwork for a doctor. Couple that with the adrenalin that comes with tragic events and I’m not sure how well I could remember everything. Having a medical binder with all this pertinent information will make it easier to relay this information to the medical team.

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How Medical Flexible Spending Account Can Help You

medical flexible spending accounts
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Need money to pay for medical deductibles and co-pays? Want to save money while paying for this too? Ask your Human Resource department at your work to see if they offer Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). There are two separate FSA:  1) medical expenses and 2) dependent care. We are going to look at the one for medical expenses.

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