Skills to Prepare Young Adults to Live on Their Own

Skill young adults need to know

How is it possible that my toddler is in her senior year now? With parenting, there are so many things to do to keep the family running smoothly. We’re suddenly writing a check for their graduation ring. Prior to kids, I had it all mapped out in my mind that I was going to teach them to cook, wash clothes, and other skills they needed to know before they were on their own. And then life happened.

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Steps to Goal Setting to Achieve Dreams

Moutains = Goals

Do you feel like you are in the same place (or two steps back) in your life today as you were last year? I have felt that way so many times. New Year resolutions were made and followed. Well, I followed them for a few weeks at least and then stopped. I lost my focus. By setting goals and establishing a plan to break them down into bite size pieces, it is easier to advance towards our dreams.

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A Cast Member’s Guide to Magic Kingdom Part 2: Entertainment

Magic Kingdom Entertainment

My friends and I were standing in line to meet Anna and Elsa at Princess Fairy Tale Hall. After waiting in the line for an hour, it was our turn to finally step into a new room and wait some more! But this time we could actually see the princesses and there was only one family in front of us. The family’s daughter walked up to Elsa joyfully. Elsa asked the girl what would she do if she woke up one day with icy magical powers one day. The girl simply replied with, “I would brush my teeth”. Everyone in the room was taken aback by her response. Elsa tried to ask the question again, but the girl was persistent on brushing her teeth. We died with laughter.

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Steps to Financial Peace – Budget 101

Budgeting - expenses and calculate

Do you feel like you are limping from pay check to pay check? We’ve all been there. These 5 steps will get you to managing your money to know where every dollar is spent how you want it to be, including fun items. Without a budget, you can make more money then you did years ago and still not be making ends meet. Many people spend more as they earn more. It is similar to the more space you have in-house, the more items you buy because now you have more room for it.

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A Cast Member’s Guide to Magic Kingdom Part 1: Rides

There are a lot of stories that get passed around cast members. For those who aren’t aware, “cast members” are what Disney calls it’s employees. Some are bad guest experiences, but most are magical moments that guest’s experience. I remember hearing a story about a sixty-year old grandma walking into the gates of Magic Kingdom and breaking down crying. She had made it. After years and years of saving, she finally was able to go to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Snow White happened to see this woman crying and comforted her. That is what makes this park truly magical.

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