How To Reduce Expenses With Fun Gift Exchanges

Christmas Gift game to Save money

If money is tight and you are looking for a way to reduce expenses but still have fun, these two gift games are for you. You’ll learn more about others while playing the game. There is the White Elephant Exchange and the Christmas Gift Exchange. Instead of buying gifts for a long list of people, these games can limit the gifts given, but still be fun and memorable.

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Celebrate Halloween Twice with a Halloween Party

Halloween PartyWant to celebrate Halloween twice this year? Have a party where everyone can dress up in their favorite costumes with games to play and plenty of food!

Our family joke is how much a glass of Dr. Pepper at a restaurant cost when we eat out. Well yes, we do have to pay the same $2.00 for that glass of Dr. Pepper, but guess what, the more free refills we get, the price per glass goes down! My family is famous for getting 2 or 3 free refills which makes per glass be reduced to $.67 or $.50! The same is true with your Halloween costume. The more you wear it, the further your money goes…again, it is the same total out of pocket, but just a shift in the perspective! Continue reading “Celebrate Halloween Twice with a Halloween Party”