Hello, I’m Your Spouse – Who Are You?

Do you ever feel that after years of marriage and raising kids, you and your spouse will have to introduce yourself to each other again? As time goes by, we all change as we experience new things; both good and maybe not so good. Raising kids is such a rewarding experience and an honor in our lives, but let’s face it, a great amount of focus is on the kids that there is not much extra time or energy for our spouse.
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A Santorini Life for Me

Greece was actually a country I had little interest going visit. I ended up spending three weeks in the country only because I requested weeks that went into the monsoon season of Southeast Asia. I was trying to celebrate my 21st birthday in a stunning way without breaking my bank account, and Europe is the quickest way to realize you didn’t bring enough money. However, seeing the pictures of Santorini was enticing enough to give it a look. I have not had one regret going. Continue reading “A Santorini Life for Me”