Are you nervous you might not remember all the details during an emergency?

Ease your mind and reduce stress. Find what you need when you need it!  This will help organize the important things to reduce stress during doctor appointments and emergencies.


And…you’ll get 2 Bonuses:

Medical Binder on the Go with Trello

Dr. Appointment Notes

medical binder with blood pressure cuff and steothogragh
plant with 2 bonuses

Features & Benefits

doctor with stethoscope in hand

Start gathering medical health information for yourself & loved ones.

18 pages of EDITABLE printables
Print as many copies as you need

medical paperwork with pen and stethoscope

Pages included

Personal Info
Primary Doctor
Surgery History
Hospitalization History
Blood Pressure
Lab Work
Radiology Work

plant with 2 bonuses

Pages included

Family Medical History
Weekly Schedule

Reduce stress by being prepared during a medical emergency. Have all medical information together. You can have it on your smart phone with Trello.


Medical History Forms - 18 pages

  • Caregivers – kids, parents, etc.
  • Yourself – for others to use in an emergency or just for you.
  • Yes! These templates are editable.
  • To be able to reduce stress by getting the medical history all written down to refer back to and give to healthcare professionals.
  • Know that when a medical emergency arises, you’ll be more prepared.

Medical Binder Editable printables with 2 Bonuses

Get all of this for $12.49