Off on an adventure

Today is the day I embark on a journey. I have $6000 left in my name (plus $700 tucked away in a bank account for a return flight if/when needed). I am going to see how far I can push this. I have budgeted so far $30 a day, which will last me until February 2018.

My first stop is in Marrakech, Morocco and will be in the country until October where I’ll head to Brasov, Romania.

This is not only a test for myself, but it’s to show you that you don’t need to be rich to engross yourself into the world. And I’m excited to update you on not only the good but also the bad that happens to me on the road!


Wish me luck!

Discover the Alien World of Avatar

A world of wonder and magic continue to expand, and you can now find yourself walking around an alien planet. Disney has been continuously growing their theme parks, especially in the Orlando Area. Walt Disney World is competing with the well-established Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and is rearing its 50-year anniversary. Updates are being added to the whole property, and notably the most recent one being Animal Kingdom.

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Majestic Meteora

Until the 20th century, the monasteries on top of Meteora were unreachable to most of the general public. The only way up the 500 ft cliffs to the monasteries were either by basket or climbing up the wooden ladders. Steps and bridges were built into the rock to allow the public to take a look at the marvelous buildings on the top as well as a remarkable view of Kalabaka, a town at the bottom of Meteora.

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Roaming Ancient Athens

I was completely scared going to Athens. All together, I had ten days booked in the capital. Everyone that I ran into on Santorini had mentioned that Athens was a dirty city with not much to offer, spending only one or two days there. Some grimacing faces appeared when I mentioned my length there. I didn’t know what to expect as my ferry from Santorini arrived. It was definitely not Paris, I could tell you that.

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A Santorini Life for Me

Greece was actually a country I had little interest going visit. I ended up spending three weeks in the country only because I requested weeks that went into the monsoon season of Southeast Asia. I was trying to celebrate my 21st birthday in a stunning way without breaking my bank account, and Europe is the quickest way to realize you didn’t bring enough money. However, seeing the pictures of Santorini was enticing enough to give it a look. I have not had one regret going. Continue reading “A Santorini Life for Me”