Attitude is Everything!

Have you ever been diagnosed with an illness, where you had to ask, are you sure? The illness does not run in your family, so maybe they read the report wrong, or maybe I heard wrong……… No, it is true, you have breast cancer. Having a good attitude will have a positive impact.

It’s your choice how you respond. Will it be a positive response or negative response when you get the news? This can relate to any type of situation in your life and not just related to an illness. I choose to respond positively. That does not mean that I can’t cry and be scared.

Sometimes it is very hard to find something positive in a bad situation, but there is usually something. Look hard to find it. I believe having a positive attitude helps in healing as you just have to deal with the bad news (cancer in my situation), instead of dealing with both the bad news and feeling down.

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Hello, I’m Your Spouse – Who Are You?

Do you ever feel that after years of marriage and raising kids, you and your spouse will have to introduce yourself to each other again? As time goes by, we all change as we experience new things; both good and maybe not so good. Raising kids is such a rewarding experience and an honor in our lives, but let’s face it, a great amount of focus is on the kids that there is not much extra time or energy for our spouse.
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