Valentine’s Day – 4 Things to Avoid

Valentine's Day Ideas with printable

What can you do on a budget for Valentine’s Day? To stay within budget and make it special, avoid these 4 things below. Try one of the alternatives suggested for valentines ideas.

Avoid these 4 things

# 1 Avoid: Having florist deliver flowers to your someone special.

This is very expensive.

Buy flowers at a grocery store and deliver them yourself. Flowers are still romantic and appreciated, but simple is fine. It does not need to be 2 dozen red roses.  When getting flowers at the store, there will be two choices:

In a vase – more expensive to have the vase and them arranged already
Without a vase – less expensive

Which one should you choose?

It depends on where you bring them.

Many people have empty vases at home they can put the flowers in. While a few people may have access to a vase at work, most people will not.

Flowers for Valentines's Day

#2 Avoid: The Valentine’s Day card purchased at a store.

Greeting cards can sometimes be as high as $5.00 or more. If you have multiple cards to buy – parents, kids, spouse, etc. it will add up quickly.

Make your own card. You can use the computer or the old fashion way with construction paper.

Another alternative is the box of little valentine’s day cards that kids exchange. To make it more personable, you can add some extra writing to it besides your name.

Get creative and come up with a poem.

If you’re just not into making your own card, the Dollar Tree has cards as low as 50 cents.

#3 Avoid: Eating out at a restaurant.

Not only can this be expensive, but it will be crowded.

Make your favorite meal together.

Decorate the table with valentine hearts and candy.

Eat at the table together just as you would at a restaurant. You can take out the nice china dishes to use or if you want to keep it simple, paper plates are great too.

#4 Avoid: Buying big gifts for one another.

There has not been much time between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, when presents were exchanged.

Valentines is not about “things”, but instead about what others mean to you and spending time together.

Remember the night by:
-watching a movie together
-playing a favorite game together

If you really want to have a gift to give, then consider making something for them.

-52 reasons why book -There are projects you can do with a pack of playing cards and put 52 reasons why you love them. You can attach them together like a book by using a hole punch and using ribbon or a binder ring.

-Coupons – Handmade coupons for things like:
-Night off from cooking
-Night off from washing dishes
-Wash their car
-Control over the TV remote for a night
-Foot massage

Click here to download printable Valentine’s Day Coupons.  There are 8 coupons included with two fill in the blank ones.

Valentine's Day Coupon

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, but it can be expensive if flowers are delivered by the flower shop, dinner at a restaurant, gifts, and cards. Avoid these 4 things to keep the cost within budget and make it more memorable. Avoid having a florist deliver flowers, eating out, buying store bought gifts and cards. Instead get flowers from the grocery store to bring home, cook your favorite meal, and make your own card. Do an activity like playing a game or watching a movie at home together. If you still prefer a gift, make a gift. Make this year special and stay with budget with these tips.

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Valentine's Day Ideas with printable


Avoid these 4 things for Valentine’s Day to stay within your budget. These ideas are great for celebrating with kids, your spouse, or boyfriend. #1, 2, and 3 will save you the most.