How to Find Financial Peace

Manage money and find financial peace

If you’re not feeling at peace with your finances, now is the time to start working towards it. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) is a great way to start your journey. It is a class one night a week for nine weeks. FPU is a game changer and will help those struggling with finances, get on track. You are not alone in struggling to learn how to manage your finances.

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One of the things that is beneficial is that it has different methods of teaching, all within the same class. It has a video to watch each week together in class. There is a book, workbook, and homework. Each week the class breaks into smaller groups and they discuss various topics. It’s a great way to hear how others deal with similar struggles and it reminds you that you’re not alone in this journey.

Some of the data is basic information that we know already, but sometimes forget about. It’s a way to refocus on your financial goals.  Some of the data may be new and it’s a way to learn about it.

Getting Started

This is offered in various areas and is generally 90 minutes for each class once a week. Different places offer it on different days and times. Pick what works best for you. Each group may offer different options to go with it. Some may offer a meal or daycare, but this can vary from group to group, so ask what is offered for the class you choose.

To find a class near to you, google Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University as well as your city and state. It will give you the details of when it starts, where, the dates, times, and the like.

The cost is for the FPU membership and materials.  The newer material on Dave Ramsey’s website contains online access for one year for some subscriptions and a few other things. On Amazon, they have the earlier version that did not include these newer additions. Check out both to make an informed decision of what works best for you with the tools offered and price.

The Topics

There are 9 lessons and one lesson is covered each class.

Lesson 1 Super savings
Lesson 2 Relating with money
Lesson 3 Cash flow planning
Lesson 4 Dumping debt
Lesson 5 Buyer beware
Lesson 6 The role of insurance
Lesson 7 Retirement and college planning
Lesson 8 Real estate and mortgages
Lesson 9 The great misunderstanding

You may have heard of the envelope system. This is part of what Dave Ramsey teaches. Click here to see this blog post related to the cash envelope system.

His teaching is biblically based.

There are 7 baby steps that are covered.

Step 1 Save $1,000 to start an emergency fund
Step 2 Pay off all debt but your home
Step 3 Save 3 to 6 months of expenses
Step 4 Invest 15% of your income into retirement
Step 5 Save for your kids’ college education
Step 6 Pay off your home mortgage early
Step 7 Build wealth and give generously

The Dave Ramsey website shows the average amount of debt that is able to be paid off within 90 days is around $5,300 and the average amount saved during this 90 days is $2,700.

The class is a good setting to provide both accountability and motivation. There is homework to do.  Hard work is needed to implement things and change spending habits.

My family went through the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University together in 2014. My daughter was around 22 years old, and son was about 18 years old when we attended and we all learned things. We were all at different levels of what we knew already. For my husband and I, we had a basic understanding so we were able to build on that foundation. For our children, it gave them a basic foundation. It impressed upon them the power of compound interest and the element of time. It emphasized the need for saving for emergencies and learning good spending behaviors. We are looking to take a refresher course soon. For my daughter, she is ready to learn more about mortgages. For my husband and I, it’s a great way to get refocused.

There are wallets that assist with keeping monies separated into categories when using the cash envelope system. I love my wallet that keeps the money separated as it keeps me more organized. Here are other wallets that keep categories separate too.

If finances are a struggle, you’re not alone. Try the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. Google to see where the nearest one is to you and pick one that works with your schedule. It meets once a week for nine weeks and each session is usually 90 minutes. The weekly class consists of watching a video, using your workbook and then breaking up into small groups to discuss. It’s a great way to stay accountable and motivated. Share as much information as you feel comfortable. There is homework that must be done to get the most out of the class. There’s also a book to supplement all the other things. The average results of saving and paying down debt far outweigh the cost of the materials. There is hope to get your finances in line and find financial peace.

If you're not comfortable with where you are with your finances, start now by taking a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. Learn how to save money use the cash envelope system,budget, set up emergency fund, debt snowball, and more.