Christmas Activities for Families


Are you celebrating Christmas this year with no little ones or just a few? As family members get older, at times the excitement of the holiday gatherings can fizzle out. Try these activities to bring that excitement and memorable holidays back.

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Ginger Bread Houses

This can be a fun event for the kids and adults. Below are the supplies needed and guests will build them. This can be timed event like a competition or just assembled and decorated at their leisure to have fun.

Supplies needed:
graham crackers
candies to decorate – gum drops, skittles, M&M, gummy bears, candy canes
plastic knife

Note: If you prefer to get the ginger bread house kits, that is fine too. They even have ginger bread campers  as well as ginger bread towns.

Saran Wrap Ball

This is a game where everyone will get around the table or sit on the floor in a circle. The ball will start being unwrapped by one person while the person on their left rolls one dice until they land on a six. Once the dice gets on six, the ball is passed to the left (the one who just had the dice) and the dice is passed too where the process starts again.

Anything that falls out of the ball while unwrapping it is for that person to keep.

Two dice can be used and if it lands on doubles, then the ball is passed to the next person. I’ve changed it to using just one as it would be quicker to land on one number with one dice and have the ball pass quicker to others. There is no wrong way – just do what works best for your group.

There is some preparation needed prior to guests arriving. Once the supplies are gathered, the ball will need to be assembled.

Supplies needed:
saran wrap – about 300-350 feet, depending on how big it is
items to wrap in it – the best prize goes in the middle. Small items like candy, playing cards, gift cards with small  $ amounts, etc. are the type of items to put in the ball.  It needs to be something small and somewhat bendable.

These emoji stress balls would be perfect for this game. Candy such as skittles would be great too. Small candies like tootsie rolls are good fillers as well.

Putting it together – don’t just wrap one long piece of saran wrap around and around. It needs to be as difficult as possible to unwrap it. The more difficult it is to unwrap, the longer the game is and more opportunity for the ball to get all around the circle. Cut the saran wrap in different sizes and wrap it in different directions, so it more difficult to unwrap.

The game is quick, probably under 10 minutes, but depends on how it is wrapped, how quickly the people unwrap and so forth.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Have everyone wear an ugly Christmas sweater. Design your own with what you have at home, garage sales, goodwill stores, or regular stores. This can be a competition or just a great conversation piece.

Minute to Win It

This is a series of small activities that can be done individually or have people divided into teams. Each person is given a time limit of 1 minute to do each game.

To keep score, write down on a sheet of paper on the left side each game you will play. On the top of the paper, make a column for each person to write down the results of each game. If you want to play in teams, list the name of each person on one team. Leave a space to calculate the totals. Then list of the name of the next team members and space for a total. The number of people on a team should be equal.

Marshmallow Pick Up with Chop Sticks

Supplies needed:
small marshmallows
chop sticks

There is one minute to see how many marshmallows can be picked up out of the bowl with the chop sticks and dropped into the cup. When the time is up, write down how many they were successful in getting.

Marshmallow Pick Up with Straw

Supplies needed:
small marshmallows

Start with placing 25 marshmallows on a plate. Use the straw to pick up the marshmallows and put them in the bowl. Write the score of how many were picked up via the straw within the 1 minute.

Candy Cane Chain

Supplies needed:
candy canes individually wrapped (not the little ones)

Place 6 wrapped candy canes on a plate. One of these will be used as the starter to pick them up.

Pick up with only one candy cane and connect them like a chain. Try to get the other 5. Write down how many were in the chain, including the one you started with after 1 minute is up.  Record this on the score card.

Marshmallow Toss

 Supplies needed:
large marshmallows
6 coffee cups

Person gets a bowl of 12 large marshmallows. The cups are on the other side of the table.  Line up 3 coffee cups in one line, next row 2 coffee cups, and then the last row is 1. The cups arranged like this will look like a triangle. Toss the marshmallows and count how many land in the coffee cups within 1 minute. Be sure and pickup any marshmallows that fall on the floor so there is no mess.

The number of marshmallows that stay in the cup is the number of points for this game.

Try something different this year when gathered for the Christmas holidays. Whether you do some new activities like building and decorating ginger bread houses, playing the saran wrap ball game, the minute to win it games, or an ugly Christmas sweater.  All of these are fun additions to your holiday gatherings.




Are you looking for something new and exciting to do for your next Christmas gathering? These activities are great additions for Christmas activities for kids and families.