10 Gifts for Travelers

gifts for travelers

Do you have friends or family that are difficult to buy gifts for? There are not many people that I’ve met that do not like to travel….well, unless it is just for work! But, if they like to travel for fun, why not give them something they use while they are making memories.This post contains affiliate links where if you click on the link and make a purchase, we make a small commission to help cover our blog expenses at NO additional costs to you. To see the full disclosure policy, click here.

There are different types of travelers.

There are those that have set their sight on seeing the world with as little money as possible. My son, Seth, falls into this category. His focus is on carrying everything in a backpack so that he does not have to check in luggage (that costs money!) on airlines. He stays in hostels where he can meet other people and stay within his budget.

There are travelers who want to check in luggage when they fly so they don’t have to carry it while flying. They enjoy staying in hotels where they have their own room and don’t have to share a bathroom with other travelers.

What do these travelers want (well, besides money to travel more!)?

Backpack – this is a great item for those travelers who want to carry everything with them. It has a place for clothes and several zippered compartments for putting airline tickets, passport, etc.

DSLR Camera – a good camera is a staple when traveling. Things have changed from years ago having film and waiting to see how the pictures turned out. The digital allows you to check the picture right then and continue until you’ve got that right picture. This is an example of one of the many DSLR Camera’s to choose from. All types of travelers would love a great camera!

Travel Towel – for those travelers staying in hostels, these towels are great as generally towels are not provided. They are lightweight and very absorbent. They are great for visiting the beach, scuba diving, or snorkeling too for any traveler.

Travel locks – These make a great accessory with luggage or backpacks.  They perfect stocking stuffer.

Journal – this beautiful leather journal makes a great gift for them to document their adventure.

Packing Cubes – these are great tools to travel with.  I have these same ones and love how you can organize your clothes. You can use them all of just the amount you need, depending on the trip. All types of travelers can enjoy these.

Luggage – While the traveler that likes to carry everything with them may prefer a backpack, for other traveler’s, a new set of luggage would make the perfect gift.

Luggage tags – these are great to be able to identify your luggage quickly. There are so many fun styles to choose from. These make the best stocking stuffers. They’re great on regular luggage and backpacks.

Packable Backpacks – These fold up and come in multiple colors. They are great for day trips where you want to carry a backpack, but don’t want to take up much room.  These are water resistant and come in many colors.

Hidden wallet – No one wants to have money or other valuables taken, but especially when traveling. Unfortunately, some travelers have their guard down and may be targeted. With this hidden wallet, you can keep your valuables close to you and harder to get to. This has multiple zippered compartments which keeps the traveler organized.

So, what will it be for the traveler on your gift list? From cameras to luggage tags, there is something for everyone and every budget.

gifts for travelers

Are you looking for gifts for a traveler? Check out these 10 gifts for them. There are ideas for all types of travelers and all budgets.