Budget Tips While Traveling

Being from America, most people tend to think traveling is extremely expensive. But there’s lots of ways to cut down on costs if you’re traveling alone or with a family.  Here are five of my tips to saving money.

1.Try to eat out only for one meal

When I travel with my family, they tend to enjoy eating out for dinner and making sandwiches for dinner. However, I noticed some places triple their prices for the same food during supper times verses lunch. Lunch is usually a lot cheaper option compared to the two meals and is sometimes convenient when you’re out doing your daily activities.

2.Try to stick with a carry on if you’re flying

You’ll be surprised at how much you actually need. If you’re checking in a suitcase, depending on the airlines, you’ll be asked to pay about $50 for one way! I personally love to jump airlines while traveling: it’s cost efficient. Imagine having to pay $50 for each flight then. The $50 per person can easily add up until you’ve basically bought another seat on your plane. If you’re worried about having enough clothes, you can ask your hotel about laundry services while you enjoy your daily activities.

3.Avoid booking excursions on Viator or other websites

I’ve used Viator in the past during my trip to Greece and am in no way against it. It’s so convenient and it’s great to pay for all your excurisons before you actually go on your trip. But on my way to the Sahara Desert, a few of us were comparing prices. Those who booked at the location saved over $40. Obviously you may not save that much every time, but you can definitely find cheaper deal at your destination.

4.Create a daily budget and follow it

You are on vacation. I get it. You don’t want to have to log in your excel budget sheet every time you buy a $2 bottle of coke. Personally, I find it thrilling to type in my numbers and watch it stay under my daily budget. I start making it a game to see how low I can make my daily average. I don’t sacrifice on my experience though. There’s plenty of free things to do in the areas. Check with the hotel for suggestions.

5.Look up Free Walking Tours

What’s better than getting to see a city through a local guide’s eye? This is more popular in the European cities but you can find them basically anywhere if you look hard enough. Filled to the brim with their city’s history and has amazing tips about exploring the city afterwards. Feel free to donate money or tip your guide depending how much you enjoyed your tour.

Traveling tips for budget

Check out these 5 budget tips to save money when traveling. From saving on meals, baggage when flying to activities to do when you reached your destination.