Ways to Connect with Family and Others

Coffee and visitingWhen was the last time you visited with family, friends, and others you care about the most? Do you have traditions to keep your family connected? We always hear that tomorrow is not promised, but it could not be truer now.

There is so much unrest in the world. In addition, it seems like we continually hear of family members getting Cancer or Alzheimer’s. We just don’t have the time to delay, so start planning your next get together. Below are suggestions on things to do to stay connected to family and those you care about the most.

Of course, this may look very different for each family. One of the factors certainly depends on where they live, but do not let distance keep you apart. Think outside the box!

Ways to connect with family and others

Suggestions when everyone lives close

Gathering for meals
Spending holidays together
Gathering for visits
Birthday parties
Sporting events
Dancing recitals
Karate practices
Swimming lessons
Piano recitals
Dinner at a restaurant
Game night
Cup of coffee
Ice Skating

Suggestions when some live far

Substitute holidays
Phone calls
Facebook and other social media

There is no doubt that families that live closer have more opportunities to connect, so there will be more planning to make this happen. I’ve observed that sometimes we take for granted that we live so close and do not necessarily set time aside to connect with them.  All of the items listed under the families spread apart by distance, can certainly be done when everyone lives closer together too.

As families continue to grow, it makes it more difficult to gather everyone together so you will need to be more intentional about getting together.

Tips for events

Central locations make it easier for people to meet.

Take turns hosting an event.

When food in involved, have everyone bring something.

Sometimes holidays are difficult to travel, so consider a “substitute” holiday where it is easier for people to get off work if they have to travel. It is often easier to coordinate with all the places that we have to be during the holidays. We’ve found that celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving for our family with our son Seth away is usually in early December or in November. It thankfully works out to get those two holidays in one. We also follow-up by using Skype on the actual holiday.

For reunions, decide on a couple of people to coordinate everything. Survey the group involved to get an idea of how many days work best, time of year, and location. If you want to have a lot of togetherness, you can rent a large house. An option to have some privacy includes renting hotel rooms or condos. It is important to have a central location for everyone to hang out like a pool area. Decide on the “core days” and those that want to get their early or stay later can adjust their schedule as needed.

Activities together with family.

There are various options to connect with family. There are suggestions for every budget as well. While it is fun to go all out and have a glamorous vacation together, sometimes simple is better. Gatherings can be just as meaningful by getting together at home and playing board games or cards. One of our favorite things to do as a family is play Scattergories. We’ve even discussed the possibility of playing this via Skype while our son, Seth is away to include him.

Life gets so busy and we sometimes lose track of what is really important, so we have to live intentionally and schedule time with those you care for. We’re not promised tomorrow for ourselves or anyone else. Be the one to coordinate the events. You’ll be glad you did and so will others!

Families being together

When was the last time that you visited family and others you care about? Discover ways to connect with family. Tomorrow is not promised.