Skills to Prepare Young Adults to Live on Their Own

Skill young adults need to know

How is it possible that my toddler is in her senior year now? With parenting, there are so many things to do to keep the family running smoothly. We’re suddenly writing a check for their graduation ring. Prior to kids, I had it all mapped out in my mind that I was going to teach them to cook, wash clothes, and other skills they needed to know before they were on their own. And then life happened.

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Cast Member’s Guide to Magic Kingdom: Part 3 Lagniappe

Did you know that one of the top things guests notice about Disney are its cast members? Despite the rides and fan’s favorite Disney princesses, Disney really excels at creating the perfect ambiance and friendly atmosphere that tops any other experience. These people help transform Magic Kingdom into a Halloween party and help discover hidden treasure chests throughout Adventureland. They’re your key to unlocking all that Magic Kingdom has hidden. Continue reading “Cast Member’s Guide to Magic Kingdom: Part 3 Lagniappe”

How Medical Flexible Spending Account Can Help You

medical flexible spending accounts
Photo by Pexels

Need money to pay for medical deductibles and co-pays? Want to save money while paying for this too? Ask your Human Resource department at your work to see if they offer Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). There are two separate FSA:  1) medical expenses and 2) dependent care. We are going to look at the one for medical expenses.

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A Monday in London

If there is one thing that you should know about me is that I hate having to travel fast. I’m a lazy adventurer. People tell me their travel plans and it’s always two days here and then two days there. While that’s not a bad way to spend your vacation, I just enjoy being lazy and not feeling rushed. Traveling often becomes a lot cheaper too when you stay in a place longer. However, there often comes times when you land a 17-hour layover in the Gatwick airport (UK) and you have nothing better else to do but spend 7 of those hours exploring a new city.

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Steps to Goal Setting to Achieve Dreams

Moutains = Goals

Do you feel like you are in the same place (or two steps back) in your life today as you were last year? I have felt that way so many times. New Year resolutions were made and followed. Well, I followed them for a few weeks at least and then stopped. I lost my focus. By setting goals and establishing a plan to break them down into bite size pieces, it is easier to advance towards our dreams.

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