Attitude is Everything!

Have you ever been diagnosed with an illness, where you had to ask, are you sure? The illness does not run in your family, so maybe they read the report wrong, or maybe I heard wrong……… No, it is true, you have breast cancer. Having a good attitude will have a positive impact.

It’s your choice how you respond. Will it be a positive response or negative response when you get the news? This can relate to any type of situation in your life and not just related to an illness. I choose to respond positively. That does not mean that I can’t cry and be scared.

Sometimes it is very hard to find something positive in a bad situation, but there is usually something. Look hard to find it. I believe having a positive attitude helps in healing as you just have to deal with the bad news (cancer in my situation), instead of dealing with both the bad news and feeling down.

It was just my annual routine mammogram and ultrasound that was performed. After I left the appointment, I forgot about having gone, until I received the letter in the mail that said, please call the office, as we found something on the films that need more testing.

Of course, the office was closed the next few days because it was the weekend, and the weekend went by so slow. When I talked to others about it, many said, it is probably nothing and I’m sure everything is fine. Many people receive a letter similar to this and after a closer look, everything is fine.

The needle biopsy was done and the preliminary thought was that it was not cancer. It was just a few days that we had to wait to get the pathology results back, but it seemed like forever. While the doctor did not think it was cancer, there was always a chance that it was. Since the preliminary signs looked benign, I did not let my mind stay in the “what if” I have cancer mode for long periods of time while we waited for the results.

The day came to get the results and the doctor and I had a good conversation about miscellaneous things so I thought everything was going to be fine. Then the tone of the conversation changed and I learned that I had cancer. I had to ask him to repeat it to be sure I understood correctly. I was numb and shocked.

I knew that God had a plan for me and while I didn’t fully understand what it was, I felt blessed that I had a great healthcare team along with a great support group of family and friends. My diagnosis was triple negative breast cancer – stage 1. I wrote a thank you note to two doctors.

One thank you note was to my radiologist letting him know that while no one likes to hear they have cancer, I would rather hear that at stage 1 versus stage 4. I was so thankful that he had identified it early. Had he not discovered the triple negative breast cancer at stage 1 then, no telling what stage it would have been the next year.

Another thank you note was sent to my gynecologist. The surgeon told me that the lump was discovered on the ultrasound. I know that not everyone has both tests, but in my situation, the gynecologist felt it was necessary that I have both a mammogram and an ultrasound. I let him know how thankful I was for his knowledge of what was needed, as it detected the cancer early.

Not all days will be as positive as other days, but keep pushing through to deal with whatever is in front of you. While some say take it one day at a time, some days, you may need to take it one hour at a time.

positive attitude

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