The Art of Athens

All cities have their fair share of street art but Athens is by far one of the most impressive and collective. It really highlights what the city has struggled with in the past few years while embracing the possibilities of where it can go. I wondered around aimlessly looking for little hidden gems of their art. My favorite neighborhoods were by far Plaka and Psyri, walking around and finding hidden streets covered head to toe with graffiti.

And in-between Plaka and Monstraki, right underneath the Acropolis, is this little neighborhood that even resembles the same architecture as the Cyclades islands. I thought I was back on Santorini, but with a remarkable view of Athens. If the art wasn’t enough to appreciate, this part of it all would be worth it on your hunt on the streets.

All photographs were taken by Seth Stelly. Like them? Check out more at this website.


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Discover the art of Athens, Greece.  They have impressive street art. Read to see where the hidden gems of art are located.