How to Set Up Cash Envelope System

cash envelope system

Handing your credit card over to the store clerk and just charging it is quick and easy. There’s no waiting and you get that new item right then and there. THEN, the BILL arrives at home in the mail. That is when it is not fun anymore. The newness of the item we bought is gone or we’ve forgotten how good the food was at the restaurant. By switching to a cash system for certain items, the possibilities to save more increases.

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Dracula’s Halloween Spoo-tackular

Bran Castle in Romania
Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

I came to Brasov with one goal in mind: partake in Bran Castle’s annual Halloween party. Halloween isn’t big in Europe at all, but the holiday is growing. Bran Castle takes it’s Dracula haunting corridors and transforms it into a beautiful and fun event. This year they offered three different ticket options: a Halloween night tour, a Halloween after party, and Halloween dining experience like no other. Prices significantly increased from the previous years with the more recent tourist traction, but this didn’t stop me. I was determined to scratch this off my bucket list.

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What Rules to Establish at Home


Bowling is still a popular event, but who is going to pay for the game? If the kids are out with friends bowling, what time do they need to be home? Establishing rules for family can be difficult. Generally, the first response is that you are restricting them by pulling some of their decision-making away. It sounds negative, but it actually has positive life lessons built into it.

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10 Gifts for Travelers

gifts for travelers

Do you have friends or family that are difficult to buy gifts for? There are not many people that I’ve met that do not like to travel….well, unless it is just for work! But, if they like to travel for fun, why not give them something they use while they are making memories.This post contains affiliate links where if you click on the link and make a purchase, we make a small commission to help cover our blog expenses at NO additional costs to you. To see the full disclosure policy, click here.

There are different types of travelers.

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How to Build an Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

It is not a matter of “if”, but instead “when” those unexpected expenses will come up. The car breaks down and you also need money to tow it to get fixed. The air conditioner in the house went out, a tree needs to be cut down, or a Hurricane is headed your way and you need to buy things to prepare. This events will be stressful, but can you image the feeling of knowing you have an emergency fund? That lightens the load you have to carry a bit.

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