What are Your Largest Struggles and Interests?

Survey for struggles and interests.

What are some of the struggles that you may be experiencing? What are you interested in?

Whether it’s:
-making a budget
-finding time to do all the things we need to do
-saving money to travel
-figuring out the best places to travel on a budget
-learning how to manage medical bills
……….many of us have areas we want to learn more about.

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How to Organize a Medical Binder



Organize family history of medical

What if a tragic event happened and you needed to know what someone you love’s medical history was? I know I have a difficult time remembering my own surgeries and medicines  when I’m completing new paperwork for a doctor. Couple that with the adrenalin that comes with tragic events and I’m not sure how well I could remember everything. Having a medical binder with all this pertinent information will make it easier to relay this information to the medical team.

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